Things You Should Know About Cyber Security

cyber security

Things You Should Know About Cyber Security

In today’s digitalized world, Cyber security is one of the fastest-growing areas and the reason behind this is digitalization itself.

This is creating more demands for cyber security skilled professionals and the demand is increasing day by day to tackle the cyber risks/threats.

“If you have an aspiration to get your career established in this field, you should start,up-skilling yourself with new technology trends. There are several blogs/free resources available on the internet to explore knowledge about cyber security or IT security.”

Let’s start with some baseline understanding of cyber security, this may help you explore some basic concepts in simple words.

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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security refers to the measures that are taken to protect organizations, individuals, networks, data or programs from cyber threats or cyber-attacks.

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Security is the basic need during this rapid growth of digitalization to enforce *CIA (confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) for keeping everything safe and secure.

Why Cyber security is so important?

In this digitalized world, Cyber security (security with more ‘Cyber’) has now of greater importance, than it was earlier.

Now we have connected everywhere/the entire globe through internet connectivity. It can be through a handheld device, personal desktop/laptop, home/office network or smart devices/IoT connecting devices (e.g. Smartwatch, Smart TV, Smart appliances etc.).

“As the connectivity increases, so does the importance of security.”

Whether it is the IT industry, health care, retail, manufacturing or any other domain Everywhere we are relying on computers/internet technologies. Therefore security is important everywhere.

There are several emerging risks from unknown hackers

  • They can steal sensitive information e.g. Credit Cards Information, Personally Identifiable Information(PII) etc.
  • They can alter data or even they can destroy it altogether
  • They can even weaponize systems/networks to attack others

To protect ourselves from these risks, we must take necessary precautions. Cyber security best practices should be followed.

There is no guarantee that we won’t be victims or compromised if we put all the necessary security controls in place. But it will certainly minimize the chances to get the data/system compromised.

Where is Cyber security applied?

Nowadays, Cyber security is not only limited to Industries but also applicable to our day-to-day life.

Most of us are connected to the internet round the clock using handheld/ connecting devices. In turn, we use it for several transactions for our day-to-day uses like shopping, online bill payments etc.

We do also store PII (Personal Identifiable Information) or PHI (Personal Health Information) data in our smart devices.

So in short, we need to be more careful to secure these important pieces of information.

Who is responsible for Cyber security?

In simple words, if I say, everyone is responsible for security (Cyber security). Every individual should know, how hackers nowadays are trying to compromise systems using their social engineering tricks/phishing etc.

As we know human is the weakest link in security. It is very important to have the security awareness session to be organized regularly to stay updated with this kind of breach.

In what way we can ensure or strengthen Cyber Security?

To strengthen cyber security, we can certainly take some basic(but not limited to) precautions such as –

  • Always change default credentials
  • Use a strong password with a combination of alphanumeric/special characters
  • Enabling 2-Factor Authentication e.g. Mobile OTP (how you access G-mail/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn account for Identity verification using Mobile OTP)
  • Keep the system updated with the latest patches/software/firmware etc.
  • Always cross-validate the source e-mail before clicking on any Phishing link

We need to ensure a security baseline (Minimum Security) as per the industry guideline/best practices etc. which will help to protect ourselves from emerging Cyber-threats.


In this post, we learnt that In today’s world Cyber security is extremely important. Each one of us is responsible for Cyber security or IT security. We also learnt some of the ways in which we can strengthen cyber security. I hope you found this post useful

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