How to Enable MFA for your IAM User on AWS

How to Enable MFA for your IAM User on AWS

How to Enable MFA for your IAM User on AWS

Dear Reader, In one of my previous post I explained how to create an IAM user step by step. As a security best practice, AWS highly recommends to setup MFA for your IAM user to protect your user from being compromised. Setting MFA helps you protect access to your AWS resources.

In simple terms MFA means multi factor authentication –

MFA = Something you know(username/password) + Something you own(MFA device)

Once you setup MFA, AWS asks you for a one time passcode from your owned security device. As a result, it provides additional security in contrast to username/password combination(Which can be hacked).

Considering it’s importance, I decided to come up with a beginner friendly post on how to enable MFA for your IAM user on AWS. In this post, I will help you setup MFA for your IAM user using one of the supported virtual MFA device(Mobile App).


  • An AWS Account
  • Permission to manage your own MFA

So let’s get started…

Step 1: Download an AWS compatible Authenticator App

As of now, there are three different options for MFA devices on AWS including hardware ones(We will see in upcoming section). Since I wanted to use my phone, I am going ahead with a mobile app also referred as virtual MFA device.

At the time of writing this, AWS supports below mentioned virtual devices. However, feel free to check the updated list of supported devices on official AWS page.

How to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on AWS 1

I am going ahead with Google Authenticator app. You can install your favorite one.

Here are the links for Google Authenticator for Android and ios

You can go to your respective App store and download Goggle Authenticator

Step 2: Login to AWS Management Console and Navigate to IAM

App is being downloaded, meanwhile you can login to AWS Management Console and open IAM service.

You can either go to Services -> Security, Identity, & Compliance -> IAM


Search IAM in the console search bar as shown below and click on IAM.

How to create an IAm user in aws step by step 1

Step 3: Click on Your IAM User name for which you want to setup MFA

Once you click on IAM, you will be redirected to IAM dashboard.

Click Users on the left navigation panel and you will see the list of users in your account.

Click on the your username to enable MFA for the same.

Once you click on your user, you will see below screen.

Click on Security credentials tab as shown in screenshot

How to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on AWS 3

Click on Manage in Assigned MFA device row.

There are three options as of now for you to choose from-

How to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on AWS 4

Select Virtual MFA device and click Continue

You will see a dialog window with instruction to setup MFA and a Show QR code button.

Assign mfa

As you can see the steps in the dialog, we need to scan the QR code with our authenticator app. Once authenticator is setup, it will start generating 6 digit code in the interval of 30 seconds. We need to provide two consecuting code here in console to finish MFA setup. We will do this in next few section.

Click on Show QR in the above dialog so that you can scan it using your app.

Step 4: Open Authenticator App installed in Step 1 and Scan QR

Open Google Authenticator App on your phone and Click Get Started or + icon

How to Enable MFA for your IAM User on AWS

Click Scan a QR code

How to Enable MFA for your IAM User on AWS

Once you click on Scan a QR code, your camera opens up. Scan the QR code from IAM console shown in previous step.

App detects your account. Click on Add ACCOUNT in Autheticator app to add your AWS account in your app. Once account added, you will start seeing a 6 digit code. Please note that we are not yet done with MFA setup. We need to provide two consecutive code in console

Step 5 : Type 2 Consecutive MFA codes from your Authenticator App

How to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on AWS 5

Enter your first code, wait for sometime for second code to appear then enter second code and click Assign MFA

How to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on AWS 6

Congratulations !!! You have successfully enabled MFA on your AWS account for your IAM user. Let’s verify the same.

Step 6: Verify MFA Setup

Log out of your account and try to login again.

This time, you will be prompted for an MFA code after you enter your username/password and click Sign In

MFA enabled

Enter the 6 digit code from your authenticator app here and click Submit.

There you go !!!!

You should be able to see your AWS console dashboard after a successful login.


In this tutorial, You learnt “How to Enable MFA for your IAM User on AWS”. We discussed that as part of security best practice AWS recommends to enable MFA for your root user as well as IAM user.

We used AWS compatible virtual MFA device(Google Authenticator) to setup MFA for our IAM user. In addition to that, we also learnt that after enabling MFA we will be required to enter an MFA code in order to login to AWS console. As a result we enhanced our security to next level against any compromises.

If you have any question, please feel free to drop in comment section.

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have a question, feel free to drop in comment. I will be more then happy to answer your query.

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