6 Months of CloudKatha: Lets Review & Renew our Goals

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Dear Reader,

I hope you are doing great!!!

First of all, I wish you a very healthy, happy and prosperous new year 2021.

After an year like no other, let’s welcome 2021 with open arms 🙂

Let’s start afresh and make this world a better place to live 🙂

With that in mind, I would like to let all my readers know that your very own CloudKatha has turned 6 months old today.

Exactly six months ago i.e. 1st July 2020, I published my first welcome blog post on CloudKatha and marked the beginning of my tech blogging journey.

To be honest, there have been ups and downs during this journey. But you know what –

Richelle E. Goodrich has said it correctly that-

“There would be no cloud-nine days without rock-bottom moments left below.”

However, the most important thing for me is to say thanks to you 🙂

You may ask – Why?

Because, as per reports-

99% of blog on the web dies in 6 months.

Then how come we are in the 1% ??

Simple reason is : You

Yeah, you read that right.

Only because of you, we have been able to stay motivated and successfully crossed the so called 6 months mark.

So, are you ready to look though our journey during this 6 months ?

Are you ready to review the goal with me which was set during the first blog post?

Are you ready to set new goals for CloudKatha for next 6 months with me ?

I will take it as a yes !!!

Here are 3 simple goals that I had set for CloudKatha

  • Able to help at least 100 people per month.
  • Regular posting(once a week)
  • Ranking as one of the best AWS blog out there.

Able to help at least 100 people per month.

Well on this point, I think we outperformed.

Despite being a new blog in the field, we have got more then 5000 views in our last 6 months.

Regular posting(once a week)

CloudKatha is 26 weeks old and as of today this is our 21st post.

That means, we could not reach this goal perfectly(We are almost there 😛 ). However I am sure you will forgive me on this.


Being a full time working professional in IT industry and taking care of my 4 years naughty daughter, thing become difficult at times and doesn’t really go in planned way.

But I promise I make it up in the next six month with bonus 🙂

I will add this to my goal list for next 6 months as well.

Ranking as one of the best AWS blog out there.

This was our goal even before we started this blog and I am so thankful and delighted that we did it 🙂

I am happy to share that CloudKatha has been ranked as Top 25 AWS Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020 by feedspot team.

Thank you feedspot team for having us in your list.

More or less, I am happy with the performance and this motivates me to do better in my next 6 months.

Social Media Followers

I know , I know !!!

This was not in my goal list. But hey, there is no harm in knowing the current status because it will help us set new goals.

  • Facebook : 131
  • Twitter: 185
  • Instagram: 292
  • LinkedIn: NA

Top Posts during last 6 Months

Now when we are done reviewing the goal, Let’s looks at all the posts that was top performing in the last 6 months.

Thank you for coming upto here,

We are done with goal review and seeing top performing post.

Let’s set new goals for next 6 months together.


I will share few goals in this post and you can share your’s in comment.

After reading your comments, I will compile them into this post as well.

I would like you to start first and share a goal you want for CloudKatha in comment. Go ahead and add a comment 🙂

Next 6 Months Goal Setting

  • Weekly posting
  • More Social Media Followers specially more attention to LinkedIn
  • 100 views per day (Well, you can help me meet that 😛 )
  • At least 60 posts by 1st July 2021(I told you about the bonus 😛 )
  • Email Subscribers – At least 100 by the year

Subscribe to CloudKatha and help me reach one of the goal fast 🙂

Come on !! You can do it 🙂

I hope you liked reading my post. Don’t forget to motivate me by-

  • Adding a comment below on what you liked and what can be improved.
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