Top 11 Advantages of Cloud Computing in 2020

Advantages Of Cloud Computing

Top 11 Advantages of Cloud Computing in 2020

We are in 2020 and most of us are using cloud computing in our day to day life. Think of Banking, Shopping, Social Media or Work from Home in this pandemic time, cloud computing is used in all these places.

Have you ever thought why there is so much fuss about the cloud? Why everyone wants to go cloud way?

Well, in this post we will walk you through some of the advantages of cloud computing. It will help you answer the question of why cloud?

first of all let’s understand cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

In simple terms, cloud computing is the availability of computing resources such as storage, servers, databases, software applications etc. over internet.

  • As cloud services provide pay as you go model, you only pay for the services that you use and nothing else.
  • It helps in lowering overall operational cost by cutting the need of procuring all the required infrastructure in advance.
  • You can store as less data as you want and as much data as you want without worrying about the disk size.

By the way if you are a beginner into cloud, feel free to checkout our previous post on basics of cloud computing.

“Business from small to large scale are moving to cloud And why not? They have lot’s of valid reason to do so.”

Let’s learn why cloud computing is so popular among the businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

1. Cost Saving

Cost saving is the most important reason people want to move to cloud.

Suppose, If your company wants to set up a data center, It has to invest in hardware and software. Then they need to hire skilled people to manage the infrastructure.

Even when, data center is set up, 24/7 electricity, cooling and other maintenance process needs to be done for successful operation. It can easily add up to the cost, which small businesses can’t afford to invest.

Moving into cloud does not require any upfront investment. Most of the time we only need to pay for what we use. We no more pay for wasted resources which otherwise will happen in case of on premises data center.

2. Flexibility

Cloud computing is very much flexible when it comes to provisioning resources such as memory, computing capacity etc.

You can start small and grow your infrastructure gradually as the business grows.

Cloud computing assures us, no matter how big our business grows.We always will be ready to serve the load.

As soon as load is lowered, capacity is reduced as well to lower the cost.

3. 24/7 Availability

High availability means, your application should be responsive round the clock. Even if some failure happens or some natural disaster hits, highly available systems should be able to serve request.

When it comes to availability, most of the cloud service providers are reliable to use. In fact, many of them provides 99.99% up time.

4. Reliability

Cloud computing makes disaster recovery easier then ever. In cloud, multiple copies of our data are stored in different locations/availability zones.

So, even if one of them crashes or some natural disaster happens at the location. Data is safe as it can be recovered from other location.

5. Scalability

Scalability is nothing but the ability to increase or decrease the storage ,CPU etc. when required.

One of the capability that cloud provided us is infinite scalability. Be it storage or compute or others, you can scale as much as you need and as less as your system needs.

That means It not only scales rather is more efficient as well because you can reduce the capacity when not in use. Which you can’t do with an on premises data center.

6. High Performance

Cloud computing services runs on a network of data centers. Those data centers have powerful hardware and software. Also, they are always upgraded to latest, fast and efficient hardware, which in turn provides high performance.

7. Security

Now a days many cloud providers provides us with set of policies and advanced techniques to strengthen our overall security. Which in turn helps us defend from wide range of cyber attacks.

Although, security in cloud is shared responsibility. Means cloud service providers are responsible for security of the cloud(infrastructure) and clients are responsible for security in the cloud(For their application)

However, service providers provides us with ways to tightly secure our application.

8. Unlimited Storage

Now a days data is increasing at really super fast pace. Companies have terabytes or exabytes of data. They want a place to store these huge data at low cost flexibly or as the requirement grows

One of the advantages of cloud computing is that you can store as much data as you want. You need not worry about disk size at all.

It’s like storing in a disk of infinite size. Now that’s cool !!! right?

9. Easy Backup and Restore

Gone are the day’s when we would store our pictures in laptop, hard disk and others. Now a day’s our phone are synced with cloud(for example- Google Photos) to store our photos, contacts and others.

Even when you change your phone, Just configure your email and you should be able to restore your mail, contacts, photos etc. Isn’t it easier then copying the data to some hard disk and recovering it back?

Well that’s the power of cloud computing. It makes back up restore an easy breezy job.

10. Highly Accessible

Imaging if you have your photo stored in your laptop or phone. you can only access it from that laptop or phone. However if you have your photos are stored in google photos, you can access your photo from anywhere in the world from any computer system.

In short, storing data in cloud makes it a breezy process to access that data from anywhere in the world on any computer in the same way.

Simply If I say, cloud computing gives us the capability to have our data at the reach of our finger tips.

11. Automatic Software Update

Nothing is more annoying then to install software updates when you have got more important things to do.

When using cloud, you or the IT department at your office is no more responsible for making software updates at regular intervals.

Your cloud service providers will take care of that.


Cloud computing has literally changed the way we live our life. It provides ease of use to users like us.

At the same time, It helps organizations of any shapes and size grow their business without worrying about their infrastructure.

And that’s the reason companies are moving to cloud at really really fast pace than ever to survive in this highly competitive world.

Lately Serverless Computing has literally brought storm into cloud computing world.where all you need to worry about is your code and rest is taken care by your cloud providers.

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