Why Learn Cloud Computing? A Complete Guide to Unlock Your AWS Career

Why Learn Cloud Computing? A Complete Guide to Unlock Your AWS Career

Cloud computing is the demand of today. It’s easy to store files on the cloud and restore them whenever needed. Cloud computing provides services like data storage, networking, analytics, software, servers, databases, and many more such types of services.

You can access it through the internet. Storing all your data in the cloud will make your laptop or computer’s hard disk have enough storage. Through cloud computing, you get access to different services, which are the need of the hour.

Security and privacy are also taken care of by people making the cloud software, as many companies use it. You should learn about cloud computing as it has many benefits.

Table of Contents:

  1. Reasons to learn cloud computing
  2. What is Amazon Web Services?
  3. Amazon Web Services Certificates
  4. Conclusion

Reasons to learn cloud computing

1) Grow your business

You can learn cloud computing and start your startup, and this will benefit you as you will save the cost of hiring people. You can develop cloud software and convenience your users to buy it regularly. Once you learn all the cloud management, it will be easy for you to make money.

You can also use cloud computing software to earn money. Understanding cloud computing for your business won’t be a failure. If you know how to use and develop it, you can be more creative with it.  

2)Demand for cloud computing professionals

Cloud computing is in trend in the market that leads to higher job demand. In the start, the number of people was less and now slowly increasing. They do get a job faster than other field professionals as the demand is high. Universities are providing special cloud computing courses for students as a part of their degree.

You can also do your post-graduation in cloud computing and get a degree. The skill gap for this profession needs to be filled. Potential professionals are in high demand.

3)High salary

Every company is hiring cloud computing professionals, so the demand is high. Once the demand is high, the salary also increases. The initial package provided by the company is high, and it keeps on increasing.

In cloud computing, there are many roles like cloud consultant, cloud security, cloud security engineer, cloud infrastructure engineer, cloud architect, IT engineer, and many such roles. All of these roles have high demand and high salaries. If you have any kind of specialization in cloud computing, you don’t need to worry; you can strive for a high salary.

4)IT professional

If you are an IT professional, then adding cloud computing to your CV will make you more in demand. Having complete knowledge of cloud computing or any particular cloud computing sector can increase the level of your job.

Different companies may want to hire you, and you get an opportunity to choose. To learn new things takes time, but once you achieve it, then there is no looking back. Your experience and knowledge can get you the best job. 

What are Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a cloud platform that provides different kinds of services. It offers more than 200 services, and it is the most used cloud platform compared to others.

You can use the functions you want to or which are only required for you. You need to pay according to it. It’s a pay-as-you-go-on basis. You can even learn AWS by doing simple courses and getting to work with Amazon.

If you are completely new to the cloud computing concept, then you may need time to understand and sink in completely. People having the AWS certificates can get good job opportunities being a fresher or someone with experience.

AWS provides 11 certificates which are divided into 4 categories


It’s a foundation course that gives you knowledge about cloud management. In the time duration of six months, you will get the certification of a cloud practitioner. It’s a 90 minutes exam having multiple choice questions and will cost $100. This course covers basic features or services of AWS, core development and principles, knowledge about AWS cloud, and many more things. It focuses on theoretical knowledge so that you understand exactly what AWS cloud computing is. It’s a small course which many of them complete easily within a day or two or mostly within a week. Amazon recommends before taking the course; it’s good to work with AWS cloud. You get industry knowledge, and later it will be combined with your theoretical knowledge. 


At the associate level, there are three different types of certificates you can be awarded.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

This exam is for those who have a minimum of one year of experience in designing applications. Candidates need to showcase their skills to AWS. It’s a 150 minutes exam having both multiple-choice questions and multiple answers. It will cost around $150. It covers the technologies used by AWS, client interface, the hybrid system used on the platform, and much more.

  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

This course focuses on system administration. It’s an 80 minutes exam, and the cost of the exam is $150. It’s a multiple-choice question and multiple answers. You require a minimum of one year of experience. Your technical knowledge and theoretical concepts should be clear as they will be asked in the exam. This course covers sending the data to data centers and receiving it, managing, security of the application, and many more. All the operations of AWS are mostly covered in this course. 

  • The AWS Certified Developer – the Associate

This course also requires a minimum of one year of experience. It has multiple choice questions and multiple answers. The cost of the exam is $150, and it is for 80 minutes. The course covers topics about the development of the AWS system and the other applications. You will get to know the AWS core services and the AWS architecture. You will also know about workflow services, storage services, and change management.


At the professional level, there are two different certificates you can get.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

For this course, you will require a minimum of two years of experience in managing, designing, operational, and troubleshooting with AWS cloud. It focused on the architectural structure of AWS and the applications. The exam is costly compared to the Associate level exam as it costs $300. The duration of the exam is 170 minutes. It’s a multiple-choice and multiple-answer exam. It covers cost optimization, knowledge of migration of complex applications, selecting the right service as the requirement, and much more.

  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

The exam for this course will cost $300 and will go for 170 minutes. It’s a multiple-choice and multiple-answer exam. This course requires a minimum of two years of experience with AWS cloud with multiple functions. The course focuses on the automation of the process and continuous delivery. The basics and implementation of continuous delivery, how to implement systems, automation process to design and manage tools, and much more.

4)Specialty Certifications

  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

For this specialty course, you need to have technical experience with the AWS cloud. It will cost you $300, and the time duration of the exam will be 170 minutes. The exam will have 65 questions with either multiple choice or multiple responses. The course focuses on the advanced networking of the AWS cloud. It covers network troubleshooting and solutions, implementation of security and design compliance, automatization for network, and architectural practices. 

  • AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty

If you have two to five years of experience with data analytics or data managing, this course will be the best for you. The cost is $300 for the exam, and the time duration is 180 minutes. The course focuses on data analytics of AWS cloud. You will learn the architectural side of the big data solutions, automation of the big data, analyzing and managing the big data, and storing complications of the data. 

  • AWS Certified Database – Specialty

To get this certificate, you need to give an exam which will cost you $300, and the time duration for the exam will be 180 minutes. If you have a minimum experience of 3 years of database, then you may apply for this course. The course’s major focus is the AWS database services. This course will cover database designing and managing, migration of databases, deployment and security, monitoring, etc.

  • AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty

A person with experience in data science can take this exam. The exam will contain 65 questions, either multiple-choice questions or multiple answers. The duration of the exam is 180 minutes, and the cost is $300. Candidates should have experience with ML algorithms. The course covers troubleshooting of complex problems, identifying problems, ML approach for the business, designing cost-effective ML algorithms for the cloud.

  • AWS Certified Security – Specialty

To take this course, a person should have experience in IT security and AWS workload management. The exam is 170 minutes containing 65 questions, and the cost of the exam is $300. The course focused on the security fundamentals of the AWS cloud. The course will cover the knowledge of data protection, security infrastructure, analyzing detects and finding security solutions, encryption mechanisms, and much more.


You can select a course according to your interest. All the courses are worth the money and your time. These certificates will grant you good job opportunities, and you will get a lot of first-hand experience. If you have an interest in any of these particular fields, then you should take up these courses. AWS is one of the top companies for cloud management, and doing their courses will all be worth it. Their courses are finely designed according to the latest technologies.

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