AWS Developer vs. AWS Solutions Architect: What’s the Difference?

AWS Developer vs. AWS Solutions Architect: What's the Difference?

AWS Developer vs. AWS Solutions Architect: What’s the Difference?

With each passing year, a significant shift has been observed in the tech world. Organizations are moving towards cloud for their IT needs at really fast pace. As a result, the demand for skilled cloud professionals are increasing day by day.

And, when it comes to cloud, quite a chunk of market is proudly captured by AWS. In this post, you are gonna know about two important job profiles on AWS.

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Before beginning to understand the various job profile associated with this, lets know what is AWS.

What is AWS?

AWS or Amazon Web Services, is a secure cloud platform that offers computing power, storage, content delivery, databases etc. on pay as you go basis. 

AWS has turned out to be the new normal as many organizations are transforming from in-house infrastructure to cloud environments. 

AWS offers more than 200 fully featured services that you can leverage to create world class solution.

When it comes to building on AWS, AWS Developer and AWS Solution architect are two main job roles. Lets get into the details and understand the difference between AWS developers vs AWS Solution architects.


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AWS Developer

AWS developers are mainly responsible for creating and maintaining the applications which are based on AWS platform.

As a developer, you should understand how to use various services provided by AWS in various ways to create and manage AWS resources to create an application.

AWS provides a certification named AWS developer associate certification that tests your knowledge to use a whole suite of tools provided by them to create a wholesome application.

In short, if we say, AWS developer’s main job role is to develop AWS cloud-based web applications and maintain them. 

AWS Developer skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of any high-level programming language
  • Familiarize with the core concepts and services of AWS
  • Candidate must hold the ability to use AWS APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs for creating an application
  • The candidate must be capable enough to use CI and CD pipeline for deploying the application on AWS
  • Individuals must even be able to use or interact with AWS services
  • The candidate must be familiar with the use of containers and development procedures. 

AWS Solutions architect

AWS Solution architect is responsible for designing highly available, scalable and fault tolerant solutions on AWS.

As a Solution architect , you selects the best AWS tools for achieving the user goals by understanding the demand of the client. This role is highly associated with the administrator role as the candidate must be familiar with the day-to-day tasks. This role handles the infrastructure for stable development and operational activities.

In terms of certification, AWS offers two different certification for solution architects i.e. associate as well as professional.

AWS Solution Architect skills:

  • Candidate must gain experience with designing cloud architecture on AWS
  • Candidate must hold the ability to provide architectural recommendations for incorporating, deploying software or application on AWS
  • Candidate must get familiar with AWS CLI, AWS APIs, AWS CloudFormation templates, AWS Management console
  • Candidate must even get familiar with tools such as scripting language, Linux environment
  • The candidate must map the skills for continuous integration and deployment procedure. 

What does an AWS Certified Solution architect professional do?

Some responsibilities of AWS certified solution architect professional are:

  • Create, implement and even execute cost-control techniques with an advanced approach
  • Make strategies for resolving complex made applications or software
  • Overlook the networking and formulate connecting issues 

Why AWS Certification?

Now that we know about two most demanding role in AWS cloud, lets discuss a bit on why getting certified actually helps.

This certification provides a measurable impression of skills for fluency and ability in a certain set of tasks and skills. Apart from the kind of validation and job opportunity it provides, during your journey of certification you get to bridge the gap in your knowledge on vast range of services.

AWS certification could be the right tool that helps candidates in landing onto career opportunities and this even offers job promotions and better compensation.

AWS certification must be chosen based on area of expertise, experience, and interest. Individuals who are cloud architects must choose professional solution architect certification as this is one of the extensive one. There is no set of time framework for passing AWS certification. This even depends on person to person and there are some which are offered to help you get experienced and certified.

Comparison of skills and abilities

On the basis of the ability elements which are tested by individual certificates shows that knowledge of basic AWS architecture is valuable. These certificates incorporate various prominent focus on skills that mainly have development, deployment, and management of cloud-based app or software.

AWS developer certification even demands skills for building codes for serverless applications and even using containers for development processes. AWS solutions architect certification enhances the knowledge regarding the use of vast AWS services for designing well architected solutions.

Comparison of demand and popularity 

As this segment is left behind and we haven’t discussed this in the whole article. The comprehensive exclusive syllabus for the AWS developer certification exam provides additional knowledge and experience which is a requirement for the reflection. 

AWS certification does not only ensure higher salaries for individuals, large scale adaption even supports the better health of the job market. Completing AWS certification even assures high-paying jobs.

AWS developer job role helps in providing in-depth knowledge about practical usage of AWS console and other tools. AWS Solution architect job requires huge visualization solution by leveraging knowledge and incorporating various practices for application design, deployment, etc. 

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Certifications play a very significant role in blooming the career of IT professionals. AWS certificates are in high demand in today’s job sector. It is very effective to understand the reasons for getting AWS certified as a reflection of points is highly valuable. AWS certification not only implies a candidate’s experience but also helps one in enhancing their career and growing skills. 


In this post, we discussed AWS Developer vs. AWS Solutions Architect. I hope you got basic idea on each one of them. I would say today’s developer are tomorrow’s architect. And having said that I recommend doing both of these certification for extensive knowledge on AWS services and how to build on it.

Have you taken any of them? Do share your experience with us in comments.

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