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“Hello Sir/Ma’am, we are speaking from XYZ bank and your credit card is going to expire. We’ll be sending you an OTP and you have to tell us that.”

And I am like, “Do you think I’m stupid or what?”

Have you ever got a call like this and reacted the same way I did?

If yes, let’s go on a journey to understand basic concepts of Cyber security and dive deeper to protect ourselves of scams and theft.

Cyber Security-

Cyber Security is the protection of your or any institution’s precious data that can help hackers for malicious purposes. Basically, protection against hacks, theft, destruction or damage of software or hardware from hackers can be termed Cyber Security.

Unless you’re someone who thinks everything happens for a reason and when someone asks you about your personal information you should give them, get aware of it.

To handle these attacks and to prevent secure and confidential data from getting breached there is a need for Engineers, Pen testers, and security taskers to prevent it from happening.

Why is Cyber Security Important?

Cyber security is very important for every sector of the economy.  With the noble coronavirus, businesses have shifted to online mode instead of offline mode.

Which means, every valuable information/data is online. And, its really important to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data to keep the business smooth.

Why do you think it is important to protect your data?

Those days are gone when you click on your computer and do a full system scan to detect viruses and malware. Now they are undetectable, almost like sleeping cells that are ready to attack your system at any time.

To know your customer preferences and behaviors you use historical data, and it makes you good profits. Imagine someone stealing your data and knowing everything about you and your business. Scary, isn’t it?

To solve problems like these, the growth in professional space for Cyber security experts has risen and will shoot even more in coming years.

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Prerequisites to get into Cyber Security-

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or any related field.
  • Knowledge of endpoints of data and firewalls.
  • Coding languages such as c/c++, Java, Node, python, etc.
  • Updated with new trends of data theft.
  • Can Identify the problems.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn cyber security to get into the field, you can follow these steps and become invincible-

  • Enroll in a course – we know you’ll say you can learn it from free sources. Guess what? Yes, you can. But when you’re a complete beginner you need someone to guide you through and come to your rescue when you fall off a peak(unless you are superman).
  • Be in the community – Join groups on Facebook/telegram, try solving problems, and get updated on current market trends. What does cyber security have to offer you will know from this source.
  • Read books – Look this is important you have to read in order to be successful.  You can read books on cyber security, languages, the internet, anything and everything. (You are not born with the silver spoon,  so do as Romans do.)
  • Be open to new experiences- The more you will explore the more you will learn. Knowledge with experience can make you the best version of yourself.
  • Apply for internships- On the job training is as important as breathing. Take it seriously and you will flourish in this field.

Uses of cyber security in various institutions-

• Government Sector- There is a huge amount of confidential data that governments store in their databases that can shake up the world if made public. And also can change the internal politics of a foreign country. To protect these data and avoid annexation governments employ Cyber security experts to manage the country’s secure and secret data.

• MNCs- Special multinational corporations accumulate huge amounts of customer data to know about the latest trends and customer behavior to be in a profitable business. And know what is going on in the consumer market. They hire skilled professionals with great remuneration to solve their Cyber security problems and protect their data, which can be millions of dollars.

• Banking Sector- Economies work based on how strong their banking sector is. And the whole country uses banks and their services, which means it generates a huge volume of data and information that tells about the investment and saving habits of people. This can get stolen and be used for illegal purposes. To protect these things from happening, banks hire Cyber security experts to look after them.

With advancements in technology and the growing use of the Internet, the jobs in this sector are going to grow even more.

Careers in cyber security-

Imagine if someone gets into the systems of the Russian Government and steals the information about strategies and hideouts of dignitaries. They can easily know where the president is, what he is doing, and things like this. It can create a security issue for the Russian President and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine can take a new turn.

This is how important data is and its security is even more important. Choose a career to be working on real issues and solving practical problems.

Here are some of roles you can get into-

  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Network security engineer
  • Application Security Engineer
  • Penetration expert
  • Etc.

Salaries of cyber security experts-

It is estimated that the jobs in cyber security will increase 31% by 2029 and so will be the remuneration.

Salaries can go anywhere between 3 LPA to 15 LPA. But don’t limit yourself, you can earn even more based on your skills and talents.

You can start whenever you want, they say there is no age to learn something new. Start fresh, start new. Do something you love.

That too, the “universe conspires to serve you what you absolutely won’t.”

We want you to grow, we want you to learn.

Peace out.

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Divyansh Pandey is an experienced technical content writer at RineX. He loves researching technical topics and writes in-depth technical articles in a very simple and easy to understand manner.

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